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Special Online Bingo Games

Right from its emergence some century’s age, Bingo has evolved tremendously, the latest being the online and mobile bingo games. This has made the world indeed a smaller place and has brought together people from the extremes edges of the world. The popularity of the Bingo game can be well seen with virtual bingo rooms hustling with action all through the day and night and new friends and peers budding out of online bingo chat rooms. The boundaries between countries, ages, gender, region and all differences have been crashed down by the emergence of online bingo games. Here a player gets to play with anybody across the world and this gives a great bingo playing experience. Also the bingo chat rooms has given the opportunity to players to know about the varying culture and people from places where he could never possibly travel in his life. This is indeed a boon to the recent day gadget struck community.

While Online Bingo Gaming offers immense advantages and benefits to the players, it also comes in different styles and patterns that give the player a mixed bingo gaming experience. Some of the bingo games that have become a major hit in the online market are discussed below:

Traditional Bingo : Though there might be many forms of newer bingo versions that hit the online market every now and then, the traditional bingo still hold its prestigious position. People playing on the Internet include people from all age groups and still some of the elder player groups look out for traditional bingo to have the real and original feel of play bingo.

75 ball online bingo : This game is played on a 5*5 matrix bingo card with 24 numbers and a blank square. These 24 numbers can be any number ranging from 1-75. The player who gets all the number marked either in a row or a column or in a diagonal position wins the bingo game. Totally there are 5 types of prizes that are distributed and they include 1 line, 2 line, 3 line, 4 line and 5 line prizes.

Winning patterns : Irrespective of the type of bingo you play, there are certain patterns that each of them follow that one has to achieve to emerge as a winner.

Cross : The name explains it all. One wins if he gets all the numbers marked that forms a cross pattern. This is the same as getting your diagonal numbers marked on the card.

90 ball online Bingo : This is the game that is popularly played by the UK players on a 3*9 matric bingo card. Since there are 3 lines involves, there are 3 types of prizes to be won that includes 1 line, 2 line and 3 lines (full house). This is the game that is popularly played by the UK players on a 3*9 matric bingo card.All the other rules are the same as any other type of Bingo.

80 Ball Bingo : This is emerging as the most popular bingo game online. Here bingo is played on a bingo card with a 4*4 matrix bingo card. The bingo card comes in a corresponding to each column. The first red column contains number from 1-20, the second yellow contains 21-40, the third blue contains 41-60 and the fourth contains 61-80. Here there 4 types of prizes corresponding to the 4 lines in the bingo card.

Coverall/Full House

This is a pattern you will have to mark all the numbers on your card to get a Bingo. This being the case this pattern will take a longer duration to complete. Also the organizer has an option to reduce the jackpot amount if no one gets a bingo within the 41st number called.


In this the player who gets a diamond (I mean a diamond shape marked on his bingo card) wins. These type of pattern games end soon since only a few numbers have to be marked. Buying two or three extra bingo cards would increase your winning chances in this pattern.

Have Your Pick

This game is the popular and also played since the beginning. It is entertaining both as an online as well as an offline bingo variant. You just pick your numbers beforehand and if the caller calls those numbers, you win. This is a simple yet completely a game of chance.